Hockey Academy

Junior Program

Open to students in Grades 9-10, the Hockey Canada Skills Academy will help student athletes improve and enrich their individual hockey skills, while developing their personal fitness.  This course will emphasize building character through achieving both athletic and scholastic success.  On ice sessions led by highly trained staff, strength and conditioning designed to maximize physical attributes, and a focus on leadership, citizenship and career exploration will position the student athlete to achieve their individual goals.​

Senior Program

Open to any student with a completed Grade 10 Phys. Ed, credit. The senior level Hockey Canada Skills Academy program will build on the individual skills and the personal fitness of each student. This course will emphasize with a progression to team tactics, the development of the individual student while gaining a global outlook on how sports can impact society,

Paired Programming for Success

​Junior Program
- open to Grade 9 & 10 students
- PAL2O - Large Group Activities - Hockey
- Paired with CHV2O / GLC2O Civics / Careers
​Senior Program
- open to any student with a Grade 10 Phys. Ed. credit (including PAL2O)
- PAL3O - Large Group Activities - Hockey
- Paired with IDC3O - Sport in society
​ ​40- 50 hours on ice time dedicated to skill development that is transferable to many other activities and learning situations. (no team tactics, systems or games…no shinny here!)
​ ​60-70 hours will focus on Health and Nutrition, Decision Making and Sexuality, fitness and various other activities which may include broomball, personal fitness, low organizational games, group activities etc.
​110 hours for Careers and Civics with a focus on Sport and Culture ​110 hours for Sport in society

2020-2021 Fee Structure for Hockey Canada Skills Program​

The fee for the program is $485.00.  A $150.00 deposit is required at the time of registration, remaining $335.00 is due before the first ice session. The deposit is non-refundable without a medical note.

Included in that fee will be:

- 40-50 on ice sessions with a Teacher and/or a Skills Instructor

- Your own Hockey Canada Skills Academy Jersey

- One way transportation from the rink to the school daily


Transportation - one way transportation will be provided either to or from the arena depending on the program registration.

Students will be entered into the program on a first come first serve basis.  The number of sections running will be determined by total enrollment in the course.​

Students are NOT required to take the Junior Program in order to be registered in the Senior Program.

Registrations will not be accepted until 8am on January 14th, 2020. (The day after St. Joseph's open House)

​Step 1

  • Print off PDF registration form and complete
  • STJHA - registration form.pdf​ (below)


Step 2

  • Return the completed registration form along with the $150 dollar deposit to St. Joseph's Catholic High Schoo​l


Step 3

  • Register at St. Joseph's Catholic High School
  • Junior - Select PAL2O as one of your choices; CHV2O / GLC2O will automatically be selected
  • Senior - Select PAL3O as one of your choices; IDC3O will automatically be selected
Contact Us:
​Mike Shewan Lead Teacher​ 519.675.4434
​David Fox ​Alternative Education Teacher 519.675.4434
​Jackie Campigotto Principal​ 519.675.4434 ext 26001​