French Resources

  1. Voila Homework Help


LDCSB has renewed the Voilà Learning Homework Help subscription for 2020-21.  Voilà Learning offers two streams of learning:


1.  Homework support - they provide live homework help for French, English, and Math.
2.  Please note that at the end of the video it mentions French Immersion, but this service is provided to ALL students registered in our school board. 
3. Live Virtual Campus – offers students the opportunity to learn French through gamification and authentic interactions with live teachers.  Voila Live. Click Here


 The service runs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm to 8pm.


There is a unique code for our school board to access the Live Virtual Campus. Feel free to ask your French teacher and they can supply you with it.

  1. Smash Education

Smash Education is a teacher-led, student-centered software that allows students to develop vocabulary and grammar though real-life situations using all four language skills while integrating cultural awareness.   It allows teachers to differentiate and assign tasks to students providing them with immediate feedback.  It allows teachers to track student progress and achievement.  Teachers can assess students and can provide personal feedback to students.

If your teacher is currently using Smash education here is a tutorial video to help you get set up