Course Selection

Dear Parent / Guardian:

As Semester Two begins, Guidance Counsellors will be meeting with all students to select their courses for the 2020 – 2021 school year using myBlueprint.
Guidance has scheduled meetings with all classes in all grades during the first and second week of Semester Two. During these meetings, Guidance will give a short presentation to highlight items that are relevant to that specific grade group. (For example, grade 11s will discuss Graduation and post-secondary options.)
These small group meetings will take place in our Library with access to computers to ensure that all students have access to their High School Planner and that students have an opportunity to speak to a Guidance Counsellor about any questions they may have.
In order to prepare for their course selections, students should do the following:
• Review their Graduation requirements to ensure they have completed all mandatory courses for their grade level. (This can be viewed in myBlueprint.)
• Review the courses that are being offered next year by visiting the course calendar on the school’s website:
• Discuss the appropriate level (academic, applied, college, university, etc.) for their courses with teachers, parents and, if necessary, Guidance and/or Learning Services.
• Consider their destination after high school and make sure that their course choices keep these options open.
Students will be expected to complete their course selection through myBlueprint by February 18th, 2020. Students have access to myBlueprint and their course selections twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by using the school’s virtual learning environment.
To explore the features of myBlueprint, you can create a Family Account and link to your child’s account (requires student permission). With direct access from home, you can become more informed and involved with your child’s education and support your child in making the most informed decisions about their future.
We encourage families to create a Family Account, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit
2. Click Sign Up at the top right corner
3. Select your child’s school.
4. Select Family
5. Complete the sign-up form.
Here is a short video that walks through the course selection.
In addition to submitting their signed course selection form, students need to submit their student fee. This $40.00 payment should be made through the internet via Cash Online (See our website for instructions). Once the forms are signed and the student fee is paid, students need to bring the signed form, as well as a receipt of payment to their homeroom teacher BEFORE February 18, 2020.

Jackie Campigotto