Student Support Services

Our Catholic schools have many people, support groups and professionals available to assist our students in times of need and/or crises. Occasionally, students experience difficulties and stress that require adult help.  It is important for the student to realize that the school’s Social Worker, Guidance staff and Chaplain, as well as the student’s teachers and school administration are available whenever the need should arise. Where allowed by law, the student can share his or her concerns in a confidential manner, and can expect honest advice and direction.


​Our Chaplain is available for spiritual or personal counselling.  Elgin County Parish Priests will all be involved in the spiritual development of students at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School through Masses and liturgies.

Guidance Services

The freedom of curricular choice and the planning of individual programs make it all the more necessary to consult the guidance staff who can help with:​
  • orientation to high school life;
  • study skills;
  • course selection;
  • selecting and planning for a career;
  • understanding individual interests and abilities;
  • post-secondary planning;
  • counselling.
Counselling sessions can be initiated by student request, referral by parents, staff and routinely by guidance personnel.

Community Resource Officer St. Thomas Police

​The St. Thomas Police Service and its members are part of our school community through the Community Resource Officer and Adopt-A-School Officers.  Don’t be surprised to see officers walking your hallways and remember we are always here to answer any questions you have.  The officers of the St. Thomas Police service encourage a safe learning school environment.

School Social Worker

​The school social worker, Mr. Maurice Brennan, is assigned to St. Joseph’s Catholic High School and is available to assist students who are having personal, family or school problems.  He can provide individual counselling and hosts group programs for some of our students.  He may be contacted personally or through the office, chaplain, student success or learning services.​