Student Success

​Student Success: Reaching Every Student

Each student has his or her own unique interests, goals and strengths and learns in their own way.  Student Success is about the whole student and providing the necessary supports so that every student has the potential for academic and personal success and that each student has the same opportunity to succeed and graduate from secondary school. 

What we do at St. Joe’s?

St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School Student Success is a Ministry of Education initiative aimed at helping all students achieve their potential and succeed in their educational journey.  

The Student Success Teacher plays a key role in supporting school-wide efforts to improve outcomes for students who are struggling with the secondary curriculum and may be at-risk of not graduating.  Direct support to these students is provided in order to improve attendance, retention and achievement rates.  

The St. Joseph Student Success room is a place where students who are identified as in-risk of not passing a course are invited to access extra supports. The Student Success Teacher works collaboratively with the Classroom Teacher in trying to rescue a students’ credit that may be in jeopardy before it is too late.  

The Student Success classroom is located in the hub of the school as you make your way into the front doors of the school in room 110-3 across from the chapel.  It is a welcoming environment and is available for all students in the school to use.  The room is equipped with computers and resources conducive to learning.  All students are encouraged to drop in on their lunch to complete any missed or outstanding assessments. 

Goals of Student Success

• Increase graduation rate and decrease dropout rate;
• Support a good outcome for all students;
• Provide students with new and relevant learning opportunities;
• Build on students’ strengths and interests; and 
• Provide students with an effective elementary to secondary school transition.

Role of the Student Success Teacher

• Know and track the progress of students at risk of not graduating;
• Provide direct support/instruction to students to improve achievement;
• Support school efforts to improve outcomes for struggling students;
• Try to re-engage early school leavers; and
• Work with parents. 

 ​Any additional questions please contact:

Andrew Mann
Student Success Teacher
St. Joseph’s Catholic High School
(519) 675-4434 ext. 26110
[email protected]