School Cash Instructions

Non-Family of Schools Instructions for Cash Online

How to Register

1.      Create Your Profile

Go to  and click on "Register".


2.       Confirm Your Email

Check your inbox for the email confirmation and click on the link inside.  Sign in with your new login details.


3.      Add Student

At this time, you will be unable to add a student until they are enrolled at the school. Click on "I don't want to add a student" as seen below:

4.      Select Item to Pay For

Search through the list of items to pay for and select:

"St. Joseph's Catholic High School – Student Activity Fee - $40.00".

5.       Who is this item purchased for?

Uncheck the box – "Myself" and type in your student's name(s).

6.        Review Your Cart

Review the items you have placed in your cart.  Ensure your student's name appears above the item purchased and select "Continue" to complete your purchase.  

7.       Select Your Payment Method

Select your method of payment either by Credit Card, eCheck, or my Wallet.  Once you have selected your method, please fill in the required information and then select "Continue".


8.       Review Your Order

This is the last opportunity to review your order.  If everything is correct, "Complete Your Order".


9.      Print Your Receipt

Upon completing your order, please print the receipt for your records and record the receipt number on the Student Activity Fee Student/School Receipt in your registration package.