School Procedures

Change Of Information

​The school relies on parents, guardians and students to provide updated information such as addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contact information and medical allergies or conditions. For students who take the bus, a change of address may take up to one week to be processed through the Transportation Consortium and families could be without transportation for a period of time.  It is critical that family information be updated in the event of any change. If there is a change of information, please report to the Main Office right away for a Change of Address form.  Please return the completed form to the Main Office as soon as possible.
You can download a PDF version of the form below:

Emergency Contact Information

​Parents and Guardians are asked to provide the school with the name and phone number of an adult person who would be consistently and readily available during the school day.  This contact name will be used in the event of an emergency and only when the parents or guardians cannot be contacted. The emergency contact should live no more than 30 minutes from the school.

Students Who Are Eigh​​teen Years Of Age

​When a student reaches the age of eighteen, they are considered to be an adult under the law and the school is not allowed to speak to parents regarding matters related to the education of the child.  Adult students must accept full responsibility for all matters relating to their education.  If a student wishes to continue to involve parents in their education, they may do so by completing the appropriate form available from the Guidance Department.
You can download a PDF version of the form below:

Activity Fee

​Every student is charged an activity fee to help pay for student council activities, awards and special presentations, retreats, athletics and charities. This fee is due when submitting option forms for the next school year.  Cheques should be made payable to ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL. The fee for one individual family will not exceed $100.00.


​All fundraising that is done in the school or on behalf of any team or group associated with the school must have the approval of the Principal.

School Pictures And Student Cards

​All students will have their picture taken during school picture days for inclusion in the student data management system, yearbook and to produce a Student Card.  Families and students may also wish to purchase optional picture packages from the photographer at this time.  The Student Card is necessary and may be used by students to access their school bus, purchase dance tickets and to access materials from the library.  Students are expected to be in uniform for these pictures.

Tobacco Use

​St. Joseph’s Catholic High School is a smoke-free environment.  In accordance with School Board Policy and the Ontario Tobacco Control Act, the smoking of cigarettes or the use of any tobacco product including chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes is prohibited.  Students smoking on school property may be charged under the Provincial Health Act (fine-approximately $300).  Students under the age of 16 will receive a summons to appear in court under the Tobacco Control Act.  Students over 16 years of age will receive a ticket.  Students who use tobacco (smoking, chewing, e-cigarettes) on school property are also subject to a range of consequences including a warning, detention and/or suspension.


​Detentions may be assigned by teachers or the administration for various reasons including persistent lateness, violation of the uniform code and violations of classroom and school rules.  Detentions will be served in the Main Office or in a classroom.  The number and duration of the detention may vary depending on the nature and frequency of the infraction.


​When absolutely necessary, student may access the telephones in Guidance or the main office.  Pay phones are available for student use at any time as well.  These phones are too often the source of illegitimate 911 calls and students are reminded that this is a serious criminal offence and a huge waste of local police resources. In the event of an emergency, parents are asked to call the school directly and a member of administration or office staff will contact the child or children.  Despite the ready availability of text and cellular phone contact, parents are asked to refrain from contacting their children during class time.

Visitors And Trespassers

​All visitors to the school are required to report to the Guidance & Attendance Office (Room 109) and identify themselves. St. Joseph’s Catholic High School is a closed campus in that only registered students are welcomed on school property during the day.   Students are expected to meet friends after school hours off school grounds and student visitors are not allowed during the school day.  The School Administration will issue a Letter of Trespass to individuals who refuse to leave school property when requested.  A copy of the Letter of Trespass will be filed with the St. Thomas Police.  If police action is required, charges of trespass may be laid (R.S.O. 1990, C.T.21).  Prior warning of trespass is not required by law.  In addition, students are not permitted to loiter on public property surrounding the school grounds, including the sidewalks. 

Fire Regulations/Emergency Procedures

​Classroom teachers will familiarize all students with specific fire and lockdown procedures of the school. A loud bell ringing continuously inside the school is the signal for emergency evacuation. Students must move quickly and quietly to the closest fire exit, as posted in classrooms. Each time the alarm rings, students must react in a serious manner. All classroom doors and windows should be closed by persons as they leave rooms. Students are to report to their teacher once safely away from the school. Students and staff must remain outside and away from the school until administration signals them to return to classes.
Any violation of these procedures during a genuine or simulated emergency constitutes an offence (Section 437 of the Criminal Code of Canada, punishable by up to two years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $2000). False alarms disrupt all life at the school, especially for our physically challenged students while classes are in progress. Therefore, at the school level, false alarms will be considered a most serious offence, and will be dealt with accordingly.