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The SJHS Book Club meets Thursdays over lunch. 
Like to read? Like to listen? Like to share? Join us! 
We are preparing for a virtual author visit on Friday, March 1st,hosted by Western University.
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There is also the White Pine Reading collection.
There are 10 books in the collection. 
Read as many as you like and then vote for your favourite book of the bunch.
Some titles are also available from the Sora EBook collection.
white pine


​What are databases and why do you need them?  Manager of Library Technical Services and Technology at Yavapai College Library (May 2012) has graciously granted us permission to share the following video:


LDCSB research databases - Your link to RELIABLE ​and UP-TO-DATE information
Databases are searchable information sites:  
Newspaper and magazine articles, books and encyclopedias, reviews and critiques, news and interviews.

LDCSB School Library Goals

  • Educate students on the functionality, organization and purpose of libraries so that they can be library users for life
  • Demonstrate how to research with purpose and process
  • Promote and foster a love of reading for pleasure and learning
  • Develop library collections that encompass a variety of formats to support Catholic Graduate Expectations
  • Facilitate the use of technology for learning, research and communication 
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