St. Joseph's Virtual Open House

Welcome to the St. Joseph's Catholic High School Virtual Open House.

While we would prefer to have our halls filled with Grade 8 students and their families, we hope you enjoy our video presentations. Once a video is playing you can click on the arrows on the bottom right hand corner to resize the video.
Some frequently asked questions:
Is it easy to transfer to St. Joseph's from a public board school if my child has an IEP and SEA equipment?
Yes, the process is as easy as if the student was transferring between public board schools.
Do the parents or the child have to be Catholic to attend St. Joseph's?
We welcome people of all faiths. Parents do not need to be Catholic in order for their child to attend St. Joseph's.
Will my public board elementary school automatically forward my child's information to St. Joseph's for registration?
Unfortunately parents of students in the public board will need to fill out a registration package as the public board does not assist in the transfer of students between boards.
Normally on the last Wednesday before the start of school, St. Joseph's holds a Grade 9 Orientation Day where students (and parents) are invited to meet their classmates, locate their classrooms, and ask any questions that spring to mind, all while having fun and games. On this day students get their personalized handbooks with their classes, rooms, locker and all other relevant information in it. Here is a link to last years booklet, which was emailed rather than placed in the hands of students.
To get information about registering, click here.
For information on the French Extension Program please visit the French Extension webpage.
For information on our School to Community Program please contact [email protected]
For information on the Hockey Academy please visit our Hockey Academy webpage.