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The Friends of St. Joseph’s High School is an independent charitable organization which supports Catholic Education in Elgin County by strengthening programs and facilities at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.


The Friends of St. Joseph’s has provided funding for many things throughout the years including yearly scholarships for graduates, equipment for the arts, robotics, sports teams and clubs as well as purchased items like the score clocks for Alumni Field and the Tommy White Athletic Centre and the digital road sign.


Each year the Friends of St. Joseph’s raises money through investments and fundraisers including our annual golf tournament.  Our tournament is supported by many local business, groups and families in the community, many of which are listed below.


We also help to manage donations from alumni and other community supporters which are in turn invested and used to increase scholarship opportunities and enhance the school in various ways.


If you would like to learn more about the Friends of St. Joseph’s or if you would like to make a donation please contact David Fox at [email protected].  We can also be found on Facebook at “St. Joe’s High School Alumni and Friends”.


Many Thanks to our tournament sponsors this year.




St. Joseph's Annual Blue and Gold Lottery Calendar 

​**Winners will be contacted by the school to collect their prizes.** 

Daily Winners - Congratulations! 

1. Haylee Smith
2. Zachary Wilson
3. Rob Hoffer
4. Case Hoffer
5. Owen Gillet
6. Rose Fragiskatos
7. Julia Boin
8. Pat Hoffer
9. Lauri Mota
10. Elaine Griffin
11. Brooklyn LaCroix
12. Sherri Jones 

13. Emma Hawes

14. Edward Luyks

15. Matthew Maifrini

16. James Sefeldas

17. Alina Pearson

18. Melissa Gillies

19. Jim Costigan

20. Sadie Crawford

21. Dan Schleihauf

22. Lucas Woodrow

23. Isabella Lauzon

24. Sydney Ahearn

25. Dale Gillet

26. Gavin Kennington

27. Elaine Griffin

28. Murray Clarice

29. Eric Ursic

30. Diane Silva

31. Jeannie Bamford



Thank you for supporting St. Joseph's High School 

Lottery Calendar organized by the Friends of St. Joseph's Catholic High School