Regular Attendance is essential for academic success.  Students are expected to attend school regularly and punctually, and to attend all classes when they are at school. Absence from school for extended vacations and appointments that could be made outside of school hours is disruptive to the learning process and strongly discouraged.  Parents and students must accept responsibility for the classes, tests or examinations missed under such circumstances.  If you are absent from class without permission, you will be reported to the Vice-Principal.  Your parents will be notified of your truancy and you will be expected to make up lost academic time.   Persistent truancy may result in a suspension.

Leaving School During The Day

​A note from a parent or guardian is required when a student must leave school during the day.  Students leaving school for appointments must obtain a Demit at the Attendance/Main Office prior to 8:30 a.m. on the specific day even if they have been in contact with a parent by text or phone on their own.  A student who falls ill during the day must report to the Main Office.  If the nature of the illness warrants early dismissal, then the student would be excused to go home only after a family member is notified.  School office personnel are not allowed to dispense medication.

Punctuality And Lates

Students are expected to be in their first period classroom at least 5 minutes before the class begins.  When students arrive late, the work of the class is interrupted.   The following guidelines are intended to promote good learning through regular and punctual attendance:
  • At 8:20 a.m., classrooms are open to receive students.
  • By 8:30 a.m., students are to be in their classroom in full uniform, BEFORE the bell rings to indicate the start of class.
  • Students who arrive for the first period after attendance has been reported must obtain an Admit Slip from the Attendance Secretary.
  • Lateness between classes does not require an Admit Slip from the Main Office. Initial or infrequent lateness will be handled by the classroom teacher. The teacher will call home and advise parents of chronic lateness, and ask them to assist the school in helping promote a habit of punctuality.  Habitual absence or lateness will be dealt with by the Teacher or Vice-Principal.


  • If you must be away from school, a parent or guardian must telephone the Main Office (675-4434, press 9).
  • Students returning to school from an absence, whose absence was not reported by phone, must bring a note from their parent or guardian and obtain an Admit Slip before Period One begins.  Parents will be notified by telephone if a note is not presented.  The school reserves the right to require a medical note for any student who is absent for 3 or more days. All student notes should include:
    • The student's name.
    • the date on which the note was written
    • the reason for the absence.
    • the date or dates of the absence, and
    • the signature of the parent or guardian
  • ​A teacher has the authority to mark a student absent from class if:\
    • A student, in the teacher’s opinion, has missed a significant part of a taught lesson, notwithstanding how many minutes of a lesson have been missed.
    • A student is asked to leave class for behavioural reasons. 
  • If a student is absent for a test without an acceptable reason, a mark of 0 (zero) may be given. 
  • For extended illness, parents may arrange for homework to be sent home.  This can be made through a student colleague or by contacting the Main Office. One day's notice is needed for such requests.
  • ​The Vice-Principal, in consultation with the teacher and Guidance, may remove a student from a class if poor attendance has made it virtually impossible for them to achieve a credit.


Students who participate in preparing false materials such as parent notes, or fraudulent telephone messages may be suspended from school.

Attendance And Co-Curricular Activities​

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School has a variety of co-curricular activities and all students are encouraged to enhance their academic experience through participation in a club or team activity.  Students must also realize that through co-curricular participation, they are accepting responsibility for an additional learning experience.  Participation in co-curricular activities is intended to enhance academic success and the following guidelines have been established for co-curricular participants.
  • Students must be in attendance for all classes on the day of a game, practice or event in order to participate. 
  • Release time for events, games and practices will be established by the coach and broadcast through the daily announcements.  Students who leave before the allowed time will be considered to be truant.
  • Attendance at all events, practices and games is expected.  If a student is unavailable for any co-curricular activity including practices, they must inform the coach in person prior to the activity. 
  • Coaches and supervisors may require notes to verify absence from practices, games or activities. 
  • Participants who miss practices may be deemed ineligible to play in games.
Coaches, teachers and the school administration seek to support students in meeting their commitment to their classes and involvement in the co-curricular program, part of a long tradition of excellence at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Weather Emergencies​

In the event of a weather emergency such as snow or fog, students and parents can listen to local radio for information regarding delays or cancellations. You can also bookmark the St. Joseph’s page on the following website This site provides a list of all delays and cancellations and is updated regularly. Be sure to hit the “refresh” button when checking for updated information.​