School Uniform

Evidence has shown that a standard of dress like the student uniform promotes inclusivity,  school safety, helps students focus on learning, frees individuals and families from the pressures of consumerism and faddism, and helps to promote our collective identity as members of the community of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School. 

Students are expected to be in full school uniform every day.  While it is the desire of the teachers and administration of the school to support students in their efforts to be in class daily, those who are not in complete uniform should expect to be asked to borrow uniform from a friend, the office or call home if necessary. Uniforms are to be worn for the entire school day including lunches and study periods.  Uniforms must be worn on all school trips, unless, in the opinion of the organizing teacher, the activity of the trip makes it necessary to wear other clothing.  Out of uniform days will be scheduled monthly and additional days as charity fundraisers or in support of special school activities. Spirit Days will be provided. In addition, teams will be allowed to wear their sport uniform on game days as designated by coaches.

The uniform policy has been developed and revised to provide clear instructions to students and parents and is detailed below:

1. Only approved clothing by R. J. McCarthy is acceptable.
2. For males and females, dress shirts must be buttoned.
3. T-Shirts worn under the uniform must be plain white or navy.
4. Students wishing to wear a sweater during the school day must wear a McCarthy's sweater or McCarthy's sweatshirt..
5. Team ordered shirts; warm up pants or sweat pants may not be worn as substitutes for uniform clothing.
6. School kilt, skirt and jumper hems must be no more than 10 cm about the knee.
7. Footed plain tights, hosiery and socks may be worn with the kilt.
8. Caps, hats, bandanas and sunglasses are not to be worn or carried in the school.
9. Large chains or spiked jewellery are not permitted.
10. Footwear must allow for safe movement in the school and be in good repair. No "flip flops".
11. Uniform clothing cannot be defaced to alter appearance. This includes the opening of seams at the base of the pants, the cutting off of sleeves or pant legs, removal of buttons and marking of appearance.
12. Bandanas are not permitted

Dress Down Days

There are a number of occasions when students are allowed to be out of uniform including Dress Down Days and Spirit Days.  The following are considered to be inappropriate dress for all school functions:

1. Exposed mid-sections.
2. Low neck lines and exposed cleavage.
3. Tops that expose undergarments or are strapless.
4. Swimwear pieces.
5. Extremely short shorts or skirts.
6. Transparent fabrics that are considered to be too revealing.
7. Messages or logos that are offensive to the tone of the school or not aligned with the spirit of the day or event.
8. Hats or bandanas.
9. Large chains or spiked jewellery.

The administration of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School reserves the right to restrict styles of dress or accessories that depart from the spirit of the dress code.  This includes, body art, hairstyles, jewellery, accessories and footwear that may be deemed to be unsafe, excessive, immodest, distracting to the work of the school day or offensive to the general tone of the school.