School Building And Facilities

Respect For Property​

Students are expected to treat the school grounds, buildings and everything in the school with respect. They are encouraged to help keep the school classrooms, halls, cafeteria and grounds clean by depositing all scrap paper, wrappers, etc. into wastebaskets in lunch areas and classrooms. Students are encouraged to recycle waste whenever possible.  Lunches and snacks must be eaten in the cafeteria, foyer or outdoor areas only. Those who destroy or deface school property will be required to pay the full cost of repair or replacement.   If you lose or purposefully damage school equipment (i.e. library books and textbooks, musical instruments, computers, etc.) you may be charged the cost of replacement or repair.  Deliberate damage of school property may also result in suspension from school.  Students are responsible to cover the full purchase costs of unreturned textbooks, library materials, school equipment and school team uniforms.


Individual students are assigned a “locker for life” by the administration for their convenience. The locker assigned will remain the student’s locker throughout the “life” of their high school career. Ownership of the locker resides with the school and administration reserves the right to search a locker if there is a reasonable concern.  It is the responsibility of the students to keep their locker clean and free from graffiti.
  • All lockers must be equipped with an "Abus or Dudley" brand lock, as purchased through the Main Office at the school.  Unacceptable locks will be cut off.
  • Protect your property by putting your name on all your books and equipment and by keeping your locker locked at all times.
  • Never share your locker combination with anyone.  You have an obligation to protect the contents of your locker.
  • All lockers must be cleaned out and the locks removed by the second exam day in June. 

Personal Property

It is strongly recommended that students put their names or other identifying marks on all personal property, and clothing, including uniforms.  Large sums of money, jewellery, clothing and personal electronics including cellular phones are unfortunately the object of thefts, and students are strongly advised to refrain from bringing these items to school.


​The cafeteria is operated by the school for the convenience of staff and students.  Students are asked to be especially considerate of cafeteria, custodial staff and fellow students when using the cafeteria. In order to provide a clean and inviting environment for all lunch periods, every student is expected to put garbage and recyclable materials in the containers provided.  There is to be no food or beverages in the hallways, or classrooms.  Students must leave all bags outside of the food purchasing areas.


​Skateboarding is a challenging and exciting athletic activity but it has some inherent risks from falling and in dealing with car traffic.  In the past, administration and school staff have dealt with a number of students who sustain injury during the school day while riding skateboards.  Skateboards are not to be ridden on school property and we strongly recommend that they not be ridden during the school day.​
  • Gymnasium
  • ​Street shoes are not allowed on the gym floor at any time.
  • Proper attire must be worn in the gymnasium as established by the Physical Education Department.
  • Equipment must not be taken out of the gym.
  • No student is to enter the equipment room, fitness room or gym area at any time unless accompanied by a supervising teacher.
  • Drinks and food shall not be taken into the gym at any time.


​In order to provide a quiet learning environment, students are not permitted to loiter in school hallways during the day.  Students are urged to spend free time in the library, cafeteria, and foyer or on the school grounds.

Surveillance Cameras

​For the safety of our students and staff, surveillance cameras are used in and outside of the school, at all times.

Posters And Notices

​​Any student wishing to display posters or notices on school property must first receive permission to do so from the Principal or Vice-Principal.  Notices promoting businesses or commercial entertainment events are strictly forbidden.  Students may not act as agents for any such event or organization.​