Conduct In Public

As a student of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, you will be judged by your actions, which in turn can affect the success and reputation of the school as a whole.  In order to be good members of the community:
  • Respect the privacy and property rights of our neighbours.
  • Do not loiter or litter on neighbouring property or the back naturalization area or pathway.
  • Do not walk in groups that jeopardize your safety by interfering with traffic, or harm the property of neighbours.
  • Specific incidents involving loud, disruptive activity, fighting, use of improper language or intimidation will not be tolerated.
  • St. Joseph’s students risk consequences for disruptive or dangerous behaviour throughout the school day, even if this occurs off school property.


The Student Council sponsors dances during the school year.  Dances provide opportunities for students to meet in a friendly and casual environment for the purpose of developing school spirit, supporting fundraising causes and fostering positive relationships among members of the St. Joseph’s community.
Many of the values that we seek to promote in a faith-based Catholic school are in direct opposition to popular views on morality and sexuality. This is no more evident than at school dances, particularly through some forms of popular music and current fashion for young men and women.  Dances provide parents, supervising teachers and students with opportunities to confront and discuss some of the unhealthy values that are promoted in society.  Dance styles that are sexually explicit or clothing that is immodest will not be allowed at dances.
The following list outlines clothing that is unacceptable for males and females attending dances:
  • Exposed​ mid-sections
  • Extremely short shorts or skirts
  • Low neck lines on tops
  • Swimwear pieces
  • Transparent or sheer fabrics that are considered to be too revealing
  • Messages or logos that are offensive to the tone of the event or school.
Students whose behaviour or dress is considered to be unacceptable may be sent home.  The Student Council, teachers and administration are committed to providing St. Joseph’s students with opportunities to celebrate as a community and develop positive values through social functions like dances.
  • Students and guests attending dances are subject to all provisions of the Code of Student Behaviour for St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.   
  • Guests of St. Joseph’s students will only be allowed to attend dances with the approval of the Principal or Vice-Principal.  
  • Guests must be sponsored by a St. Joseph’s student and must arrive at the dance in the company of the sponsoring student.  
  • St. Joseph’s students assume full responsibility for the behaviour of guests and guests are subject to all rules of conduct at dances.
  • Students and guests will refrain from the dance style known commonly as “grinding” or any other overtly sexual or demonstrative dance style and will be removed from the dance for this behaviour.
  • Any student attending a dance found to be or suspected of consuming alcohol or illegal narcotics, notwithstanding the amount, will be subject to discipline by the school and possible criminal charges as applied by the police. The consequences through school include suspension from and refusal of admittance to future dances for the remainder of the school year.  This includes the prom.
  • Students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be detained, for their own safety, until a parent can be notified to make arrangements for transportation home
  • All students MUST leave their coats, bags and purses at the coat check before entering the dance.
  • Students must respect the authority of all teachers/supervisors at all times during the dance.
  • Students absent from the school on the day of a dance may not attend dances (or any other co-curricular activity) on that day unless given approval from administration.
  • Admission ceases 1 hour after the start of the dance. No refunds will be given for those unable to arrive by this time. 
  • Anyone leaving the building during the dance will not be readmitted.
  • Please note that dances are a privilege.  School Administration reserves the right to disallow a student or guest entry into the dance, at their discretion.
  • Cell phones and cameras of any type are not permitted on the dance floor.
  • No tickets will be sold at the door.

​Conduct While On Field Trips

​Field trips are scheduled during the school year and participation by students should not be considered as optional.  As field trips are school events, the school Code of Conduct remains in effect.  Students are to be in full uniform for field trips unless, at the discretion of the teacher, the activity of the outing may result in damage to the uniform.   Signed consent forms must be on file in the school office before any student can go on a field trip.

Non-School Sponsored Events​

From time to time, outside agencies may attempt to promote tours and activities through individuals in the school.  These events are in no way supported by the school and the school does not assume any responsibility for the activities of these individuals.  This includes planned mass-truancy like “Beach Day” or other student orchestrated absences from school.  School-sponsored trips will be initiated through individual teachers and proceed with school and system approval.   Only those trips that have been properly approved are supported through the school.  Parents who have concerns about a particular activity, particularly those involving trips or entertainment events, should contact the school.
Any student/organization wishing to display posters or notices on school property must first receive permission from Administration.  In addition, the use of the school’s name (or abbreviated version), mascot, logos, crests or any other representation associated with the school must receive permission from the school’s administration in writing.  This applies to items such as t-shirts, invitations, tickets, electronic media, websites etc.

OFSAA – Code of Behaviour for Spectators

  • ​Cheer in a Positive Manner
  • Respect Officials’ Decisions
  • Do Not Interfere with the Competition
  • Keep off the Playing Area
  • Be Courteous and Respectful